In 1975, a small group of local residents, headed by Dave Cursons, approached Surrey Council and the Provincial Land Management Branch. Their purpose was to obtain permission to start a community garden.

And “sow”, the first seed of this ambitious project was planted. The government replied positively. It was agreed that the gardens be allocated and the surrounding property be a kind of nature preserve, dedicated to the preservation of indigenous plants and wildlife.

This community garden would provide seniors, apartment dwellers and growing families with a productive hobby. Surplus food would be directed to the local Food Bank, thus nourishing a healthy community spirit.

Our founding fathers were allocated 4 1\2 acres. Cursons, Taylor, Chitty and many more burned off about two acres. Kenny and Paul Funk rototilled the land. One and one half acres were planted the first year. A loan was arranged with the Crescent Beach Community Services for $2,500.00. This money aided in the hooking up of a pump to an eighteen foot artesian well and eventually the gardens were connected to Surrey water. The City even helped by providing bark mulch for the roadway.

In 1991, a government sponsored work project had young people digging drainage ditches, laying out seven hundred feet of water lines and mapping out pathways. A latrine was added! This ambitious scheme added some sixty plots and the gardens were no longer under constant threat of being under water!

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